I found my true love ...

This is lookingforafriend845, Just would like to say thank you for the free trial run that you gave to me. I found my true love also on this web site and we are thinking about getting married next year!!
Also thanks for the offer that you also sent to me? But, I think that thing's will work out for the both of us. Her user name is Smilesfromheaven864? or something of that sort. Thank you again, you all have done a wonderful job at getting people who are looking for love & happiness something to look forward too. God Bless each and everyone of you.



I just thought I would drop a note to thank you for your wonderful service. I met my husband, Dan through atlastwemeet.com in the spring of 2000. We are now on the verge of celebrating the 3 year anniversary of our first date and our 8th month wedding anniversary. What we both really liked about your site is that it is regular people who are serious about meeting other regular people. There are a lot of other sites that you really cannot trust the motives of the people you are chatting with and meeting online.
Before I met my husband, although there may have not been a ''love connection'', I met a lot of nice guys through your website. I often recommend your site to people I know are frustrated with the ''dating scene'' as another option to meet people. People are always shocked to learn that Dan and I met via the internet - but it is becoming a more and more common way to meet people.
Just thought I would drop you a note and thank you for helping me meet my husband! We are both happier than we have ever been.

Carrie Smith

I met the most wonderful Iranian man..

Could you please remove me from your website. I met the most wonderful Iranian man and we were married on March 3, 2003 in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. There really is success out there in cyberspace.

Thank you for finding me a husband

I just want to thank you for finding me a husband. I met RobII in Nov and we are now planning our wedding. He came to visit me 2 weeks after we met online and it was Love at first site. We have not missed a day talking to each other since , when I called him. He is now preparing to move here and we are getting married on Aug 9. Once again Thank You so much!


Only 1 guy caught my eye..

I am an Australian girl, who had lost any faith in meeting a half decent Australian guy. So, almost one year ago, on my 30th birthday January 15th, I was playing around on my computer and fell upon your website. Curious to see what the guys where like in other countries, I did a search of guys in the US, New York area, and had a browse. Only 1 guy caught my eye, who went by the alias of NYMOSES (I was PRINCESS NIKKI). I was extremely attracted to his picture so despite myself, I sent him an email, to which he replied to the next day. Thus we started sending daily emails to each other; they became more frequent, and a few days later we were conversing on the phone. Three weeks later he landed in Australia after much planning by the two of us. We knew we had to meet each other as we got along so well and had a very strong connection. We spent 10 glorious days together; I showed him as much of my country as I could; he stayed with my mother and I, and he stole everyone's hearts, including mine. 3 months later I flew up to New York and spent one month with him, in the summer; met his family, his friends, we traveled, we had the greatest time. It was then that we decided that we were going to pursue this relationship, so I flew back to Australia, tied up all my business, said goodbye to my family and friends (who supported our decision 100%), and 2 months later I was back with my now husband. We got married just over a week ago and we couldn't be happier. Had I not logged on to your site we may not be here now, even though I still believe that this whole thing was our destiny. Corny as it sounds, this is true. I will send you a separate email with a link to a website that my mother-in-law posted our wedding photos on to so you can see for yourself.
Thank you, for bringing my husband and I together!!!!!!!!

I am now married...

I am now married...and yes we met in the chat room of Your site. I thank you for being there when I needed you. All the best of luck to you and yours in the future. Here are pictures of me and my husband John, both were taken after the ceremony.
Thank you again.


We contacted each other one or two times during the week

Thanks to your site we made our dream come through - Nappy (American male from California) and Jolumar (female from Mexico) We started our first contact on January 22. Since we contacted each other one or two times during the week - until we finished writing each other daily. After, we decided to talk over the phone so we exchanged phone numbers. Three months pasted keeping communicating when Nappy decided to visit me for first time here in Mexico during the weekend of May 24. I prepared a romantic dinner in luxury hotel, colonial style. People from the restaurant and my best friend Vicky helped me to create the best environment for this meeting - We sit in a table with a balcony with a beautiful view of the gardens, the fountain and special lights. When we met in the airport we felt the chemistry immediately. We were very happy and excited! We enjoyed the special dinner talking, laughing, looking at each other. Fully moon that night. Everything was perfect for our first meeting. After dinner we went to the centre of the city we parked in a famous garden were a special group of musicians were waiting for us (I hired them) They played romantic songs for us while we continued knowing each other and enjoyed our first contact. Nappy went back to Los Angeles and we kept in daily contact by mail and phone. Surprisingly, Nappy told me he missed me a lot and was going to come next month! Then, he came to Mexico again the weekend of June 21. This time was as much enjoyable and excited as the first time. By July 12 Jolumar (me) went to visit Nappy in USA. In August Nappy went to Mexico again. We went to the same garden we first met and this time he asked me to marry him. On Sept we got married in Mexico!! Our families and friends enjoyed our beautiful celebration and two different countries. Two different cultures. Two different languages... but only one unique and authentic love! Currently we live in Los Angeles CA. learning about each other culture and enjoying our lives. Thanks for this incredible opportunity you gave us through your site. Thanks for the opportunity to share our success story with you.


I met my husband on your site

I met my husband on your site. I would like to be taken off of your active members . Thanks. P.S. If you ever need a success story, we'd be happy to submit.

Met a very nice man on your chat ...

I have been asked to upgrade my profile. There is no need to do that for me, as I already met a very nice man on your chat line. I haven't been back on chat since I met him. We have been dating and are having a great time. Thanks anyway.

TR Star

Hello friends,

I am so sorry I have to go. but the truth is that you have the best service for true and genuine relationships, as far as I know. You know I have met my wife on this site, and you have the best chat room I have ever seen, unlike some other chat rooms that are so corrupt, I met my wife Avigail in this chat room, she is an American she lives in the U.S my name is Femi a typical Nigerian man and a network Engineer (Cisco, e.t.c), we met on the 17th of April this year (2002) do you know that since them she has changed my life entirely, and I have a great impact on her life, we will be marrying before the middle of next year then I will be 25 yrs. Who told you that you can not meet your real life partner on the net, that may be possible with other sites, but not with Nigerian singles (social-plus) I have met people who met their true love on the net (social-plus chat room) an example is a friend who got married in August 12, Linda stays in Canada and later relocated for David who stays in Spain. Friend I am so glad I came to this site, I mad the best use of the chat room, the right way it should be used, and I never regretted it. You know life is stages, I would have love to remain on this site but my wife can not wait to have me come to meet he in the U.S. she and her friends are seriously waiting for me to come home. Now it is another stage of my life preparing to settle down for my life partner, before we finally agree to marry each other was a stage I need to pass through, and I knew then that I was ready to becoming a father. So I thought I can move on. You know when I leave to meet her then in the states that will be another stage in life. when we finally get marry it is another stage of life, as times go you have to adopt some new things and drop some for you to move on. It's fun and sad I have to leave, Big thank you to the whole team.


We met on Atlastwemeet.com 2 years ago.

Dear AtLastWeMeet, My fiancé and I met on AtLastWeMeet almost two years ago. We were wondering if there is any forum to share our story, or if there was a contest for success stories with any prizes. Please let us know.

Melisa & Jonathan

I had filled out my profile and with my 3 free tokens I contacted some...

I had filled out my profile and with my 3 free tokens I contacted some Bahais my age here in the US, but none answered, so I had given up on Bahai singles, after several months someone from England contacted me. We communicated by phone for several months since he didn't write much in English, but could speak OK. I had my pilgrimage trip coming up in June so I decided to stop over in England and visit my friend, after we meat our hearts still told us we loved each other, so the Bahais in Canterbury put on a nice little wedding for us, since none of us had any relatives there. Three days after the wedding I flew to Israel and He flew to Turkey, to visit his parents. We met back in England and stayed together a few more weeks, then I had to return to the US. We are waiting for the US to issue his visa so we can be back together again. But this September 11 incidence is sure making it difficult getting him here. Having to find a spouse on the other side of the planet is very exciting but it also has its many test to overcome with immigration. It takes lots of patients and a strong love in order to survive the tests. But I think it will be a means of uniting the planet and helping to stop wars. This I a good program for helping Bahais find Bahai partner. Because there are so few Bahais and they are scatered all over the world, so it was hard to find one in my town, So keep up the good work, and . Thank you for the service and whoever thought of this had a very good idea.


Getting Married

Aussieguy23/dasher and Goldenheart/k9kidmum are getting married and would like to be taken off the site please. Thanks,

Elaine and Darrell

I met the lady of my dreams ..

I met the lady of my dreams here. And I tell all my single friends to check u out because u never know until u try.

I have had a membership for the past few years ....

I have had a membership for the past few years with you and just recently deleted my profile. Through your site I have met the most incredible woman ever. Meeting her has changed my life forever and I thought I would share this with you. I believed in love at first sight but I never thought it would happen to me. After flying halfway across the country to meet me for the first time...it was the moment I will never forget. I knew from the first glance that she was the ''ONE''. Not long ago now, I asked her to marry me.... and with tears in her eyes, she looked at me and said YES. As we are making plans for our wedding, we both wanted to say thank you.


I have met someone....

I am leaving your services because I have met someone. We have been seeing each other for over 6 months and have plans on getting married.


I have met the man of

I have met the man of "my dreams" through your Native American Singles group. You have no idea how excited I am to have found this individual, and it was your service that has brought together two "kindred spirits.“ I wish to thank you for your support, and unfortunately due to my newfound happiness, I must discontinue my membership, effective immediately. I shall let you know if things go as planned, when the wedding shall be. :-) Thank you again,

Debi Pierpont

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