A different way of doing dating online

Who We Are? We have been in web dating since 1997, which is considered a century in Internet time. We have had plenty of time to perfect the service and the result is one of the most interactive, safe and enjoyable dating services on the net.

Our service is absolutely free! - Yes. No hidden memberships, no special upgrades. All features (chat, mail, winks, matches, etc.) are completely free.

You are free to join and cancel your membership whenever you want! - All other sites make it hard for you to cancel your membership. Once you are in, you will not be able to get rid of them easily, and even if you do, they'll keep your personal information for whatever purpose they have. We never do that! We only keep activity log for security purposes, but your personal information will be completed dropped from database if you decide to cancel your membership, and you can do it whenever you want with just two clicks.

We really validate our members! - Many sites do not really know if a member is active or not. Not only do we validate your e-mail address once you are in, we closely monitor e-mail bounces to know if an e-mail address is no longer active.

We fight spam and scam aggressively - We prefer to block entire countries than to have scammer activity. Most of our members are coming from trusted countries and we have automatic procedures to know if someone is a scammer. We monitor all activity and team with you for having a secure experience.

Personal support - We are close to you in your search. If you have a question you can always contact us and we'll reply personally

Secure and Anonymous - We provide you with a complete communication system that will never show any of your personal details. You will be notified when you receive mail with an instant link to the profile of the person that has sent you the mail. It's your choice to respond and your choice to initiate.

CyberCupid - Our automated match finder will do the work for you. As there are thousands of members and just as many joining all the time, keeping up with potentially suitable matches can be time-consuming. All you need to do is give CyberCupid your match criteria and it will scout the database for you on a regular basis. When it finds a match you will be notified by e-mail.

TALK with other members - We have an advanced voice chat where you can actually talk to other members and still remain anonymous.

Communities: We are a community-oriented service with specifically designed services for each individual community. Working with various communities makes us more sensitive to your issues than any other service. Thousands of eligible singles are joining on a daily basis. The profile building will prompt you with questions about your interests, gender, country, and other community aspects you might affiliate yourself with. This will enable you to zero in and find the most suitable person for you and will enable others with similar traits, to find you.

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